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How to cite us

If you use Fedot in your studies, please cite one of the papers from the list:

@article{nikitin2020structural, title={Structural Evolutionary Learning for Composite Classification Models}, author={Nikitin, Nikolay O and Polonskaia, Iana S and Vychuzhanin, Pavel and Barabanova, Irina V and Kalyuzhnaya, Anna V}, journal={Procedia Computer Science}, volume={178}, pages={414–423}, year={2020}, publisher={Elsevier}}

@inproceedings{kalyuzhnaya2020automatic, title={Automatic evolutionary learning of composite models with knowledge enrichment}, author={Kalyuzhnaya, Anna V and Nikitin, Nikolay O and Vychuzhanin, Pavel and Hvatov, Alexander and Boukhanovsky, Alexander}, booktitle={Proceedings of the 2020 Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference Companion}, pages={43–44}, year={2020}}

Also, it will be nice to add this text in acknowledgments in possible:

The research is carried out using the Fedot Framework (https://github.com/nccr-itmo/FEDOT) supported by National Center for Cognitive Technologies.

The “stars” for the https://github.com/nccr-itmo/FEDOT repository are also welcomed.