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The utility for generation of synthetic benchmarks

As a part of FEDOT framework, we provide a simple API for the generation of ready-to-use synthetic chains, datasets, and benchmarks.

Check utilities/synthetic package for details.

Synthetic datasets

utilities/synthetic/data.py contains wrappers of Scikit-Learn ‘make_datasets’ functions:

Example of usages can be seen in examples/data_generator_example and test/test_synthetic_data.py.

Chain generation

utilities/synthetic/chain.py contains several functions to generate random chains with parameters, such as tree depth, the number of nodes per level, and model types to be encapsulated in the nodes.

Example of usages can be seen in test/test_synthetic_chain.py

Synthetic benchmarks

In order to test the performance, robustness, etc. of the composing algorithms, various benchmark datasets can be useful. This is ongoing research conducting by our team.

Currently, the utility provides the following benchmark generation schema:

  1. A chain with a balanced binary tree structure with a fixed value of a tree depth is generated. Each model in the nodes is selected randomly from a predefined set of ML models.
  2. Each model is fitted independently by synthetically generated datasets (using gauss_quantiles_dataset).
  3. Using the same approach a test dataset is generated and passed through the chain obtaining the predictions.

See utilities/synthetic/data_benchmark.py for the details and examples/synthetic_benchmark_composing_example as an example of usages.

Synthetic data generator